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Akhenaten from the NMS

Welcome to the newly re-launched 'Amarna' site. Here you can find out about Tutankhamun, Akhenaten and the other 'celebrities' of the Amarna period.

Why did the 'Heretic Pharaoh' Akhenaten turn his back on the old Gods, disband their cults and close their temples? What was the relationship between Akhenaten and Tutankhamun, and what was the real reason for the massive anti-Atenist backlash that followed his death?

Kiya's Canopic Jar

The Amarna Period lasted for approximately 30 years see how it unfolded with the Amarna Period Chronology


The undisputed star of the Amarna Period, The boy-king, the golden pharaoh Tutankhamun

Tutankhamun's Anubis

Who was Who, Amenhotep III, Nefertiti, Tiye, Kiya, Smenkhkare, Horemheb, Ay


Talitat Wall
KV55 Coffin

The Amarna Cache - Tomb KV 55
One of the most controversial finds in the Valley of the Kings

The Talitat Wall
A monumental Amarna jigsaw puzzle

The Royal Tomb at Akhetaten
Akhenaten's eternal home.

Amarna items in the N.M.S.
A fine collection of Amarna objects in Edinburgh

Releif from the NMS
Gold Jewelry

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