One of the great mysteries of Tutankhamun is how exactly he died. We know from the political turmoil that marked the fall of Akhenaten's reign and what happened afterwards to almost every trace of the Amarna heresy that Tutankhamun would certainly have had enemies, with priests and maybe even his own advisers plotting against him.

The conspiracy theories about Tutankhamun's death have existed since the tomb was first discovered, and technology has provided some new clues. X-Rays taken in 1968 showed an interesting feature at the base of the back of the boy-kings skull. Some experts think that this could be a sign of an injury. Of course if this is the case it could have been accidental, for example caused by a fall from a chariot. Or is it an indication of something much more sinister, that the young pharaoh was murdered ?

Another clue which showed up in these X-Rays was a fragment of bone loose in the skull. This has been offered as proof that the cause of death was an assassins blow to the back of the head. However given that the method of removing the brain was to ram a metal spike up the nose perhaps fragments of bone inside the skull are not that surprising.

Another possible cause of death was found more recently when the mummy was CT scanned. This showed that his leg had been broken and there was some indication that it had become infected. The theory goes that this happened shortly before he died, and that his death was as a result of the infection.